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Nananananananana WINNER TIME! That’s right! The epic competition for the Golden Box of Awesome #9 has swooped to an end, and it’s nearly time to

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Who has WON a year’s supply of ORANGE PAPER with their Awesome tissue creation?

Awesomers. We all proved something this month… and that was… ORANGE TISSUE PAPER RULES!! Who knew so many amazing monuments could be made out of

June 30, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions
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Who WON a signed Premier League Shirt with the Topps Special Unboxing Competition!

It’s the final whistle, Awesomers!! Ever since the #TotallyAwesome Swap and Play Tour over Easter, we’ve been on a footie high! Whilst we met loads

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Who wins a signed copy of ‘Urban Outlaws’ and stars in the next book?

The mission is over for now, Awesomers! To celebrate the BOA exclusive sampler of ‘Urban Outlaws’ in Box of Awesome 8  a few weeks ago,

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Who WON an Awesome Skylanders Starter Pack with BOA 7?

The Swap Force is over, Awesomers! To celebrate the AWESOME addition of Skylanders Swap Force cards in the Box of Awesome 7, we gave you

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Who has WON a MEGA Box of Awesome 7 with their #TotallyAwesome sticker?

We’ve come unstuck, Awesomers! With the Box of Awesome 8 launch coming VERY soon (we know, exciting!), it’s time to announce who won a MEGA

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Who won the competition for £150 Amazon Vouchers?!

Woah, everyone! We’ve come to the end of our competition to win £150 Amazon Vouchers – and it’s time to announce the grand winner! We

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WE HAVE A WINNER! Who gets a #TotallyAwesome iPad Mini?

You might have watched the BAFTAs last week… but we KNOW what the ultimate competition is that everyone is talking about: the BOA#6 Unboxing Competition!

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Who took their BOA#6 the furthest, and WINS a MEGA BOA#7?

Attention Awesomers! Now we are on the final allocation for the BOA#6, the BOA#7 is coming very, VERY soon! As in, next week. Yeah, that

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Force Attax or Alien Attax? Who’s WON a Topps Starter Pack?

Since the Force Attax and Alien Attax cards have featured in the BOA#6, we’ve been shooting our way through time and space with Box of

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