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DC Comics Super Heroes unite! Break a World Record!

Attention Awesomers! We’ve got some #TotallyAwesome news from our friends over at DC! Later this month, a HUGE event is happening all over the world

April 08, 2015 Competitions, News
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Who has WON an awesome prize with their Disney Wikkeez?

BIG NEWS! Our Disney Wikkeez competition has come to a magical end, and it’s time to announce our AMAZING winners!! Ever since these appeared in

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Win a MEGA Box of Awesome or MEGA Box of OMG!

ATTENTION AWESOMERS!! We’ve got some #TotallyAwesome, totally exclusive news for you… we’ve found a new batch of MEGA Boxes of Awesome and MEGA Boxes of

September 17, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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Battle with your Wikkeez!! WIN an Awesome Disney Wikkeez bundle!

We have some #TotallyAwesome, totally magical news for you!! To celebrate Disney Wikkeez in the latest batch of boxes, we’re running an exciting new competition…

September 17, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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BOA#9 Unboxing winners announced! Who wins an iPad Mini or GoPro Camera?

That’s a wrap Awesomers!! It has been extended, thought over, and watched again and again, and it’s FINALLY time to announce the two winners of

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Wally FOUND! Who has WON a #TotallyAwesome ‘Where’s Wally?’ goodie bundle?

Big news Awesomers – Wally has been FOUND! By quite a few of you by the looks of it! That’s right – Wally has been

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Who gets 150 Awesome Points for showing off their TOPPS stuff?

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT! We’ve loved seeing the cool items you guys have received in your Boxes of Awesome (with loads still on their way)!  When we

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Nananananananana WINNER TIME! That’s right! The epic competition for the Golden Box of Awesome #9 has swooped to an end, and it’s nearly time to

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Show off your TOPPS gear for Awesome Points! :D

FIRST WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Here are some of our personal favs:         Nice pics guys! You both get 30 Awesome Points for your

July 21, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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The BOA#9 Unboxing Action begins!! Could YOU win an iPad Mini or GoPro? EXTENDED

*UPDATE* This competition will now end on the 15th September, so get filming!! Attention Awesomers!! The competition you have all been waiting for is BACK

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