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Wally FOUND! Who has WON a #TotallyAwesome ‘Where’s Wally?’ goodie bundle?

Big news Awesomers – Wally has been FOUND! By quite a few of you by the looks of it! That’s right – Wally has been

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Five Kingdoms in the Box of Awesome #9!! Join the adventure!!

Now that the Box of Awesome #9 is on its way to THOUSANDS of homes across the country, we can’t wait to see what you

July 17, 2014 Box of Awesome, News
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Where’s Wally? Find him to WIN a Wally goodie bag with BOA#9!!

Big news, Awesomers!! Not only is Box of Awesome #9 launched TODAY(!!) but we have a guaranteed #TotallyAwesome special guest hiding in LOADS of BOA#9s… ‘Where’s

July 11, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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Want even MORE Skulduggery Action? Check out an exclusive short story in the Digital BOA!

Most of you will have already heard the news that the AWESOME book, ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’, is due to enter the Box of Awesome #9… and

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SUPER-sneak peek (+ Awesome Points)! Compton Valance enters BOA#9!!

We’ve got an EPIC treat for you Awesomers… and it all starts with a mouldy sandwich! Sound disgusting? Of course it does. That’s because the

July 01, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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Sneak Peek AND taster: Skulduggery Pleasant enters the Box of Awesome!

Can you feel the evil in the air Awesomers? Brrr… We may have kept this under wraps so far… but we have a #TotallyAwesome secret

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What #TotallyAwesome book did YOU get? Tell us for 150 Awesome Points!

*WINNERS ANNOUNCED* There’s ONE item which will always outlast the rest in your Box of Awesome  - your #TotallyAwesome BOA book!! We had some truly AWESOME

June 17, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News

Box of Awesome gets even MORE #TotallyAwesome! WIN a year’s sub to BOA! PLUS a BOA T-Shirt!

NEW BONUS PRIZE ADDED! Tweet @theboxofawesome with a photo of your collection of Boxes of Awesome so far, and you could WIN a #TotallyAwesome Box

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Who wins a signed copy of ‘Urban Outlaws’ and stars in the next book?

The mission is over for now, Awesomers! To celebrate the BOA exclusive sampler of ‘Urban Outlaws’ in Box of Awesome 8  a few weeks ago,

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Be a SuperAwesome reader, and help us shape the future of fiction!

Calling all Awesomers! We all love a good book here at Awesome HQ – action, fantasy, sci-fi – you name it, we are hooked! In

April 14, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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