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WE HAVE A WINNER! Who gets a #TotallyAwesome iPad Mini?

You might have watched the BAFTAs last week… but we KNOW what the ultimate competition is that everyone is talking about: the BOA#6 Unboxing Competition!

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Who took their BOA#6 the furthest, and WINS a MEGA BOA#7?

Attention Awesomers! Now we are on the final allocation for the BOA#6, the BOA#7 is coming very, VERY soon! As in, next week. Yeah, that

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BIG NEWS: Unboxing Competition extended! WIN an iPad Mini!

Attention Awesomers! We have a big update on the BOA#6 Unboxing Competition! We’ve had a RECORD BREAKING number of Unboxing Videos for the Box of

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The BOA is getting around! Where’s yours? Could you WIN a MEGA BOA#7?

Awesome news! The BOA#6 made it all the way to Mars! You think we’re joking? Well, we have proof! Adam Mains has taken HIS Box

February 05, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions
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Where’s your Box of Awesome NOW? Guarantee your next!

We all know that good things come in AWESOME packages… Where is your Box of Awesome now? Is it at the top of a mountain?

January 30, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions
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Who has grabbed one of the final MEGA BOA#6s?

Time to put those Twittering fingers down Awesomers! The last batch of MEGA Boxes are ready to fly into the hands of some lucky users,

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Force Attax or Alien Attax? Who’s WON a Topps Starter Pack?

Since the Force Attax and Alien Attax cards have featured in the BOA#6, we’ve been shooting our way through time and space with Box of

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Last chance! WIN a MEGA Box of Awesome#6!

Missed out on the BOA action this time around? Or got your Box of Awesome, but wanted a MEGA version to team it up with?

January 16, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions
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There’s still time to win an iPad Mini in the BOA#6 Unboxing Competition!

Hey Awesomers! Ready to join in the Unboxing action?! The BOA#6 Unboxing competition is in full swing and we are have loved watching all the

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Doctor or Jedi? WIN an Awesome Topps Starter Pack!

Calling all super-awesome Sci-Fi fans! Can you feel the Force? Or do you fancy a journey in the Tardis? I think we can all agree

January 07, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions
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