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DC Comics Super Heroes unite! Break a World Record!

Attention Awesomers! We’ve got some #TotallyAwesome news from our friends over at DC! Later this month, a HUGE event is happening all over the world

April 08, 2015 Competitions, News
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Nananananananana WINNER TIME! That’s right! The epic competition for the Golden Box of Awesome #9 has swooped to an end, and it’s nearly time to

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Could you WIN the Golden Box of Awesome#9?! Loads of LEGO Batman gear!

Now that the Box of Awesome#9 has been launched, and is swooping its way to homes across the country, we have even MORE awesome news…

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The BOA 8 Golden Box is won! PLUS, who got an AWESOME Batman Cape?

*WINNERS ANNOUNCED* 1) The Golden Ticket has been FOUND! Well done Callum Wood! Here’s a video of him discovering his Golden Ticket: WELL DONE Callum!!

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Batman enters the Golden Box!! Is he in YOUR BOA?

BREAKING NEWS Awesomers!!! The Golden Box of Awesome is still out there, and could be on its way to any one of you… this ONE

February 28, 2014 Box of Awesome, News
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