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Get your FREE Digital Box of Awesome and unleash your inner monkey with MiniMonos!

A new super awesome exclusive offer has just landing in our Digital Box of Awesome!! If you are already a member you will have received

March 23, 2013 Digital Box of Awesome, News
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Tag your friend and your could BOTH win a limited edition BOA#1!

Remember those limited edition BOA#1s we told you about earlier this week? That competition is now over and we’ll be picking the winner this weekend, so

March 22, 2013 Competitions

Tune in to Box of Awesome TV and win a year’s worth of games!

If you managed to get your hands on the first Box of Awesome (BOA#1), you should already be aware of our unboxing video competition. If you


Get to the Top of the Awesome List!

Have you heard of our elite club - Top of the Awesome List? This is a special place that we reckon you’d fit right into. ‘Sounds great!‘,

March 20, 2013 News, Top of the Awesome List
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Make some noise for a chance to WIN an automatic BOA1!!

Remember how awesome BOA1 was? These guys do! Whether you were lucky enough to get your hands on BOA1 or not, we have an exciting new

March 18, 2013 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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Get your FREE Digital Box of Awesome and become a SUPERHERO today!

In case you’re new to this whole Box of Awesome thing, we’re giving out a FREE (yes, completely free!) box filled with awesome things every

March 16, 2013 Box of Awesome, News
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How to be AWESOME: Some guidelines and rules

House rules: - Your safety is the most important thing, so please don’t share any personal details on the blog. You can use your own

March 15, 2013 Box of Awesome, News
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Welcome to the official Box of Awesome blog!

Welcome… to the official Box of Awesome blog! You should bookmark this page right now because this is going to be your secret inside source for

March 15, 2013 Box of Awesome, News
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