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Could you WIN the Golden Box of Awesome#9?! Loads of LEGO Batman gear!

Now that the Box of Awesome#9 has been launched, and is swooping its way to homes across the country, we have even MORE awesome news…

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Where’s Wally? Find him to WIN a Wally goodie bag with BOA#9!!

Big news, Awesomers!! Not only is Box of Awesome #9 launched TODAY(!!) but we have a guaranteed #TotallyAwesome special guest hiding in LOADS of BOA#9s… ‘Where’s

July 11, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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WIN a #TotallyAwesome Sports Day Prize Kit for your school!!

Calling all teachers and parents!! Now it’s SO CLOSE to the end of term (and the summer holidays!!) we know that the time is coming

July 09, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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Who wins an iPad Mini or a GoPro in the BOA#8 Unboxing Competition?!

CUTTT!! Cameras down, Awesomers!! The Box of Awesome#8 competition has come to a close, and it’s time to announce our BOA Oscar-worthy winners! You guys

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SUPER-sneak peek (+ Awesome Points)! Compton Valance enters BOA#9!!

We’ve got an EPIC treat for you Awesomers… and it all starts with a mouldy sandwich! Sound disgusting? Of course it does. That’s because the

July 01, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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Who has WON a year’s supply of ORANGE PAPER with their Awesome tissue creation?

Awesomers. We all proved something this month… and that was… ORANGE TISSUE PAPER RULES!! Who knew so many amazing monuments could be made out of

June 30, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions

BOA #9 is nearly here… win the FIRST THREE in our THREE DAY GIVEAWAY!

THIS is gonna be AWESOME. We seriously can’t wait until the Box of Awesome #9 comes out, with LOADS of awesome items getting featured (you

June 25, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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What #TotallyAwesome book did YOU get? Tell us for 150 Awesome Points!

*WINNERS ANNOUNCED* There’s ONE item which will always outlast the rest in your Box of Awesome  - your #TotallyAwesome BOA book!! We had some truly AWESOME

June 17, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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Show us your AWESOME Tissue creations, and win an ORANGE surprise!!

So – we know you all LOVED the contents of the BOA#8. From the books, to the stickers, Awesome codes, Zomlings, trading cards and more…

June 10, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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The Future8 Awards – Applications are OPEN! Get recognised!!!!

This is it Awesomers!!! The time has come to show just how awesome you are! If you’re between 7-17 our friends at Future8 have an

June 07, 2014 Box of Awesome, Competitions, News
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