Our Disney Wikkeez competition has come to a magical end, and it’s time to announce our AMAZING winners!!

Ever since these appeared in the Back to School MEGA Boxes of Awesome and OMG, we’ve all had loads of fun battling with our Wikkeez, and there have been some unexpected winners!

From tweets to pics and even videos, we loved seeing all you Awesomers and OMGers getting involved… and now it’s time to announce our grand winners!

SO – winning a Wikkeez Playset, Collector Tin, 4 Collector Packs and 5 Wikkeez blind bags… well done….

Bw Bennie, for this AWESOME entry:

That was SUPER exciting!! We always knew Simba was fierce.. :)

Next up, our 10 runners-up, each winning 2 Wikkeez Collector Packs and 3 Blind Bags!




twitter entry 2



twitter entry 4b



twitter entry 5



twitter entry 7



twitter entry 9



twitter entry 11



twitter entry 13



entry 13



entry 14


WELL DONE Wikkeez winners!! Please email to claim your prizes :D

‘Til the next battle… stay #TotallyAwesome!

Team BOA :)