Big news Awesomers – Wally has been FOUND! By quite a few of you by the looks of it!

That’s right – Wally has been hiding away on the Box of Awesome Blog for the last few weeks, to celebrate the #TotallyAwesome mini books, posters and standees of Wally featuring in Box of Awesome #9!

We set you guys a challenge… find where Wally is hidden, and you could WIN an AWESOME ‘Where’s Wally?’ goodie bag, including a limited edition ‘Where’s Wally?’ tote bag with a ‘Where’s Wally?’ book plus ‘Where’s Wally?’ stickers and a magnifying glass (to make it even easier to find Wally next time)!

But that wasn’t all… there were 4 red herrings out there too – just to make it that bit trickier to track Wally down! So if you were fooled by Odlaw, Woof, Wenda and Wizard Whitebeard along the way, then we hope you searched through the crowd to find Wally! 

So, out of all our top Wally searchers, it’s time to announce our 10 randomly selected winners…

Dylan S A

Louise Ely

Codie Cullis

Chloe Sam

Isabelle Womack-Deane

Will Bazeley

Tanya A

Ben Johnson

Labeebah S

Daniel Igiebor

WELL DONE Wally Hunters! Please email to claim your #TotallyAwesome ‘Where’s Wally?’ goodie bags!

That’s all for now Awesomers – stay tuned for the next comp, and remember to show us if you got some awesome ‘Where’s Wally?’ stuff in your BOA#9 on Twitter (@theboxofawesome) or Instagram (@boxofawesome) – as well as showing it off in your Unboxing Videos of course! :)

Stay #TotallyAwesome!

Team BOA :)