Awesomers! (And OMGers, if you’re reading)!

We have some #TotallyAwesome news… the SuperAwesome Club is GROWING, and you’re all invited!! What does that mean? LOADS more cool things to do, and ways to earn those all-important Awesome Points!

Some of you will already be used to logging into your Box of Awesome or Box of OMG profile through the SuperAwesome Club on the App, but now you will also be able to log in through the SA Club online!!

Why is this so #TotallyAwesome?! Well – let us introduce…

SuperAwesome GAMES! 

That’s right – for those of you who have already discovered our AWESOME games site, you’ll be super-psyched to know that this has joined the SuperAwesome Club! This means that  you can now log into SuperAwesome Games with your your Box of Awesome or Box of OMG details – that means all the Awesome Points you earn through playing our fun games can be put straight towards your next box… or even more prizes coming soon!

Sounds #TotallyAwesome, right? Just head over to SuperAwesome Games to check it out, and look out for your new SuperAwesome log-in page on Box of Awesome and Box of OMG – coming up VERY soon!

Have fun everyone, and stay #TotallyAwesome!

Team BOA :)