Let the time travelling continue!!

We are SUPER excited to have the disgustingly brilliant ‘Compton Valance‘ in the Box of Awesome#9, and we couldn’t resist sharing even MORE of its awesomeness!

As we mentioned in our last update, you guys have the chance to WIN a #TotallyAwesome iPad Mini with ‘Compton Valance’!! All you need to do is head over to the site and design your own AWESOME time machine!!

Need some inspiration? Check out THIS idea, from the illustrator of ‘Compton Valance’ – Lizzie Finlay!!

If I could choose my own time travel portal, it would be an enormous teapot!
I love tea and the thought of galloping through time not knowing when your next cuppa would be, is unthinkable. With a magical teapot I’d be ready for anything! A quick twiddle of the teapot lid would start the time machine up and just a few sips could fling you quite a way into the past (or the future, but that requires sugar).

Strong, stewed tea would send you further back in time, whist a weaker brew would allow you to skip to more recent times. Drinking the last drop of tea would always bring you back to the here-and-now.

I’d also borrow my Gran’s knitted, tea cosy in order to disguise the magical powers of the teapot. Here I am with my time-travelling teapot:

Lizzie's time travel portal

We think that’s an amazing idea!! PLUS, you would always have a cup of tea to hand!!

Matt Brown, the author, stays loyal to the mouldy sandwich idea.

My perfect time machine is the mouldy sandwich.  I thought of using a sandwich because I used to leave sandwiches in my school bag for days on end.  They would stink up the bag and I’d get in trouble from my mum.  However, a stinky sandwich has an inbuilt security device. It is sooooo gross no-one will ever want to touch it so you’ll never be in danger of anyone accidentally taking it for themselves!

Eeeew!! What do you guys think? Can you create an even BETTER time portal? You’ve got until 25th July to enter and win that iPad Mini (with a case personalised by Matt Brown)- it’s a race against time!!

Happy drawing Awesomers!

Team BOA :)