Cameras down, Awesomers!! The Box of Awesome#8 competition has come to a close, and it’s time to announce our BOA Oscar-worthy winners!

You guys made some #TotallyAwesome videos, and LOADS of you watched and re-watched them (including us)!

In the end though, there can only be TWO winners!! The most creative video gets a GoPro Camera, whilst the most #TotallyAwesome video gets an iPad Mini!!!

So, without further ado, let the BOA#8 Unboxing Awards begin!

First up, the winner of the most creative video, and soon-to-be owner of a GoPro Camera, is…

Awesome Alice!

Who can open a Box of Awesome better than Mr. Snoodle?! Great work Alice! Please email to claim your #TotallyAwesome prize! :)

Next up, the winner of the iPad Mini for the most #TotallyAwesome Video (as chosen by the BOA judges)…

Ashraf Siddique!! 

Your video was HILARIOUS and won you a #TotallyAwesome iPad Mini!! Please email to claim your prize :D

That’s a wrap, Awesomers! Remember, the Box of Awesome #9 is out on FRIDAY, so it’s nearly time to get the film rolling again!

Stay #TotallyAwesome!

Team BOA :)