Now that the Box of Awesome#9 has been launched, and is swooping its way to homes across the country, we have even MORE awesome news…

There is always one box that is different to the rest. Only ONE Awesomer from the entire BOA Community will get this box. And they will win an EPIC prize. That’s right…

The Golden Box of Awesome is back!! 


We’ve dropped some AMAZING Batman merch into the last TWO Golden Boxes of Awesome, and so he’s flying straight back into the Golden BOA#9!

That’s right – we’ve got four epic LEGO Batman sets to give away!! Feast your eyes on THESE:


A-MA-ZING! These contain LOADS of #TotallyAwesome and unforgettable Batman scenes and characters!!

Oh, did we forget to mention? This time, you can enter a competition – right here – to WIN the Golden Box of Awesome#9!!

What do you need to do to enter? Just tell us:

Who is your FAVOURITE Batman character? 

Maybe you couldn’t find fault with Batman himself, and so he would HAVE to be your favourite. Or perhaps you like The Joker the best, because only an AWESOME character can be that crazy!! Whoever yours favourite is, tweet them to us @theboxofawesome, using #GoldenBox and #BatmansBday!!

TIP: Add a picture (or even a video) to REALLY get noticed!

ONE winner will NOW be chosen on the 31st July, so get your cape on and get thinking!

Stay #TotallyAwesome!

Team BOA :)

PS. Check out the AWESOME Batman Hub for even MORE Batman awesomeness and prizes!!