House rules:

- Your safety is the most important thing, so please don’t share any personal details on the blog. You can use your own name when commenting, but please don’t tell anyone your home address, email address, or phone number. (You’ll need to submit your email address to leave a comment, but no-one else will see it)

- Stay awesome! This is a bully-free zone and is open to people of all ages. Any comments that appear to be bullying, or in any way rude, will be removed. Repeat offenders may find themselves unable to comment or receive future boxes.

- Supplies of Box of Awesome are limited. That’s why you have got to be quick when boxes become available on our site and why you should watch out for awesome competitions to win automatic boxes! (Of course if you really want to get your hands on a box you can subscribe anytime!). Moaning isn’t awesome – if you don’t get your hands on a box first time round don’t worry, there is lots of awesome to come so keep a close eye on our Facebook page, Twitter, blog, and emails for updates! Not all boxes are the same – that is one of the things that make it awesome! If you have any questions about how to get a box/the items you received in your box etc. please drop us a message at our Help Centre.

- Sharing is caring, and caring is awesome. Please remember to get involved on the Box of Awesome Facebook page (if you’re over 13) and follow us on Twitter. There are lots of competitions where talking to us and about us will increase your chances of winning. However, the one thing you can’t share is Digital Box of Awesome codes - any comments that reveal these secret codes will be trashed. If you want someone else to find out about it you should just tell them to sign up too! If you don’t like an item in your box you can always share it with friends and remember – you can always SWAPIT!

Competition rules:

- Competitions are open to all registered Box of Awesome members resident in UK.

- Many competitions will require you to sign up with a special code in order to enter. (Feel free to share any codes you see in our Blog posts)

- Unless otherwise stated, most competition winners will be chosen be a panel of web-savvy and extremely awesome BOA Team judges. If the competition winners are instead chosen at random from the entrants, this will be clearly stated on the competition post

- Winners will be notified by email, so make sure you’ve given us the right email address and check your email in the days following the end of the competition!

That’s all for now! Have fun taking part in our upcoming competitions and stay awesome!